About Us

Welcome to Kelly Hunt's coastal world, where artistry meets the soothing rhythm of the sea. Kelly Hunt is not just a local coastal artist; she's a storyteller weaving tales of Anna Maria Island's beauty into all her designs. Growing up amidst the tranquil shores of Anna Maria Island and spending summers enveloped in the charm of Boca Grande, Kelly's connection to Florida's coastal magic runs deep. Her childhood adventures, inspired by the gentle lullabies of the Gulf and the vibrant hues of the sunsets, have shaped her artistic journey in profound ways. Rooted in a family with deep ties to the island, Kelly's appreciation for marine life is ingrained from a young age. Growing up alongside her father and brother, both professional fishing guides, her connection to the coastal ecosystem is profound. Kelly's affinity for marine life is innate. Through her designs, she brings to life the colorful world of the ocean, capturing the grace and beauty of fish in all their glory. As the founder of Painting with a Fish, Kelly invites others to dive into the world of fish rubbing, a unique art form that merges creativity with nature's bounty. Her Charted Waters apparel line pays homage to the coastal lifestyle, offering wearable art that celebrates the beauty of Florida's waters. Join Kelly on her artistic journey as she continues to explore the boundless depths of inspiration found in the waters surrounding Anna Maria Island.