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Our Vision!

At Charted Waters Florida, we envision a coastal haven where Kelly Hunt's artistry merges seamlessly with the soothing rhythm of the sea. Our vision is rooted in the profound connection to Anna Maria Island, celebrating the beauty of Florida's coastal magic. Inspired by Kelly's childhood adventures and familial ties, our goal is to offer wearable art that captures the grace and beauty of marine life.

Sea the Beauty, Wear the Passion - Charted Waters Florida

Dive into the allure of the sea with our wearable art, capturing the essence of Anna Maria Island's beauty in every stitch. Ride the charted waves of elegance and make a splash in ocean-inspired couture that tells the tales of the coast.

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Chart Your Story, Seal Your Sentiments

Immerse yourself in the art of expression, as our stationery transforms every note into a voyage across the gentle lullabies of the Gulf and the vibrant hues of sunset skies.

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Meet The Artist

Welcome to Kelly Hunt's coastal world, where artistry meets the soothing rhythm of the sea.Kelly Hunt is not just a local coastal artist; she's a storyteller weaving tales of Anna Maria Island's beauty into all her designs. Growing up amidst the tranquil shores of Anna Maria Island and spending summers enveloped in the charm of Boca Grande, Kelly's connection to Florida's coastal magic runs deep....

Don't take our word for it


Charted Waters Couture has transformed my closet into a seaside sanctuary. The apparel not only boasts quality and comfort but also encapsulates the very essence of Florida's coastal charm. Every piece tells a story, and I'm proud to wear the legacy of Charted Waters.

Megan T.

Anna Maria Threads is not just clothing; it's a wearable masterpiece. The intricate designs and attention to detail are a testament to the creative genius of Kelly Hunt. Wearing these threads feels like embarking on a personal journey along the tranquil shores of Anna Maria Island.

David L.

Boca Grande Elegance has redefined my wardrobe with its sunset-inspired allure. The vibrant hues and elegant styles make every piece a statement of refined taste. It's more than fashion; it's an embodiment of the captivating beauty found in Boca Grande's charm.

Sophia R.

Ocean Odyssey Apparel is my go-to for stylish, comfortable, and fashion-forward pieces. The maritime influence is evident in every detail, from the prints to the colors. Charting fashionable waters has never been so enjoyable!

Alex M.

Kelly's Coastal Creations has taken my love for the coast to a whole new level. Each garment feels like a canvas, telling the tales of the sea. It's more than fashion; it's a connection to the waves, sunsets, and the genuine artistry of Kelly Hunt.

Emily K.